JUNE 17-20

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The Way Out 4-Day FREE Challenge was designed for perfectionist like you who are:

  1. holding yourself to an unreasonable or even unattainable standard at all costs;
  2. feeling held back from doing anything at all by an unreasonable or even unattainable standard because you feel like you’ll never be able to live up to that standard (the perfectionist paralysis);
  3. stuck in all-or-nothing mindset; and/or
  4. people pleasing (yes, it's a form of perfectionism!)

As a perfectionist, you're already:

  • Doing the MOST;
  • Feeling the constant pressure that you should be doing the most; and/or
  • Feeling shame when you're not doing the most.

You don't need one more thing to do. Let me show you the way out of perfectionism by doing LESS.

Ready to find your way out of perfectionism?

From June 17-20, look forward to your morning challenge email from me, Simi! I'm a coach, author, and podcast host with over a decade of experience helping thousands of women around the world find their way out of perfection and back home to themselves.

In this 4-day free challenge, you'll receive permission slips for what you no longer need to do. That's right... I'll share what you have permission to STOP doing (along with a bite-sized challenge to help you experience what happens when you do).

Let me take somethings off your plate and show you how good it feels when they're gone.

Understanding something is great. Experiencing it is even better.

When you join the challenge, you'll also receive special bonuses on June 21:

(1) exclusive early access to my brand new 10-week group coaching program for perfectionists, The Way Out;

(2) a just-for-you discounted price; and

(3) first dibs on the limited VIP spaces (VIP = the group experience + 2 private coaching sessions! There are only 5 of these spaces available total)

I love to guide women out of the perfectionism that is exhausting them and back home to themselves so they can enjoy the lives they've worked so hard to create. Let me show you the way out!

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Warmly, Simi